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This is a Wiki Where all the Character Elimination Shows, Characters and Other stuff come here for information, facts, and more.

What is Character Elimination?[]

Character Elimination Is A Show That Alot Of People Make. First Known As Character Elimination Race. By RagdollDVDCollecter. Made In September - October 2013. But It Got Canceled. Then It Was Called Total Drama GoAnimate. Then It Was Called Just Character Elimination And People Started To Make There Own Character Elimination. Then Norbika9Studios Made His Own. He Loves Big Brother I Don't Know.

Rules For Character Elimination?[]

The Show will start with a host, then they'll tell the name of the show, characters names, rules of the game, and other stuff. The show has approximately 20-50 characters But Norbika9Studios Does Less, 1 host and 2-10 helpers, and approximately 10-50 interns. In the end of the show, there will be 1-2 winners with the others being eliminated.

Each game will have rules with 2-4 teams and 1 will win and 1 will be up for eliminaton with making no characters being eliminated each episode.


CartmanStewieandBartRule Est 2003 VGCP ACG PACFBE's, L Ryan's, & Any Other Character Elimination Shows Similar To Total Drama, Survivor, BFDI, BFDIA, Inanimate insanity & Inanimate Insanity II.

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