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RandomRobloxFan RandomRobloxFan 10 August 2019

Character Elimination Ep. 2

VOTING CLOSED! Welcome back to Character Elimination. Lets Go to the Prize STATION WHERE The Prizes are handed by Alex Kimble.

Alex Kimble: Hello Everyone I am Alex Kimble, I will be the prize hander.

Alex Kimble: Everyone except Sid Recieved Votes. He has a total of 2 votes. But with 10 extra votes. He has 12 votes. So he wins the prize. A nintendo Switch

Sid: Thanks. I'll make sure to play on this once I get home.

Alex Kimble: No time Sid. Now for the Elimination Votes. I have 13 Cakes. If you don't get one. You're out. Cordell, Myrtle, Leigh, Darron and Sid received 0 votes. Nancy and Marlene received 0 votes as well. Felton, Deena, Bethany, Kimbeley and Buster received 0 votes. Now it's down to Rufus and Freddie the person eliminated it.


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RandomRobloxFan RandomRobloxFan 5 August 2019

Character Elimination. EP. 1

  • 1 Hello. Welcome to TheRobloxSquad's Character Elimination. Today we are meeting our contestants for first season. 
  • 2 The Cordell Cowboys include: Cordell(W), Myrtle, Leigh, Darron, Sid, Rufus, Nancy, Marlene, Felton, Deena, Bethany, Kimberley, Buster and Freddie.
  • 3 The Lilly Masters include: Lilly(W), Jon, Jeannine, Fabian, Rosalyn, Jasper, Alyson, Dina, Orval, Bryon, Milagros, Jan, Claudia and Rosemary.
  • 4 W=captain
  • 5 Alright, Your first challenge is A trivia.
  • 6 I will ask questions along with WeatherStar4000video.
  • 7 Let's begin. Who was the first season's winner in WeatherStar400video's Character elimination?
  • 8 Myrtle?
  • 9 Myrtle:Koopa Paratroopa.
  • 10 That's Correct 10 points.
  • 11 A few questions later...
  • 12 Now it is 30-40
  • 13 Who is the person Mario has to rescue?
  • 1…
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RandomRobloxFan RandomRobloxFan 2 August 2019

Chaacter Elimination. Should I make one?

Poll is here:

Vote for yes. or no.

Voting ends Friday 6 p.m.

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